Official NeurOptimal® Certificationcourses

Our certification courses are live again, on location. Our classroom in Roermond has been refurnished and is ready for larger groups. Our location in Lenzburg, Switzerland, is also open again. Would you like to be certified as a NeurOptimal® trainer, but you don't speak Dutch or German, but you do speak English? No problem at all. Contact us and we will create a tailor-made course especially for you.

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Contact us so we can create a custom courseplan for you and offer it you using ZOOM or at our location in Roermond, The Netherlands

Basic and Advanced for those who are interested in NeurOptimal®

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We are delighted you are interested in NeurOptimal®!

Whether you're curious about what NeurOptimal® is all about, or if you already already have experience as a Trainer, Neuro-Insight offers you the tools and information to get you up and running. Although the software is easy to use, we offer you a number of interesting and educational courses. Good to know is that all our courses are free of V.A.T. because Hannie Ruinen is a qualified teacher and registered with the C.R.K.B.O. Admission requirements for the Basic Course do not exist.

The Introductory Course, as an orientation to purchasing a system

The introductory course is for those who are interested in NeurOptimal®, and need more information to take the next step toward purchase. We will cover the basic principles of NeurOptimal® and take a look at the program itself. You will also learn the difference between linear and non-linear neurofeedback. This short 3 hour course costs € 150, -. If you decide to invest in a system of your own after attending this course, you will receive this amount back from Neuro-Insight.

The Basic Course, the perfect start and is offered with or without your own system.

The Basic course usually takes place in small groups and lasts 4 half days. It is also possible to follow this course as a private course. This can be booked by appointment. For the private course there is a surcharge of 20% on the course price of €600,--. In the Basic Course you will go deeper into all aspects of NeurOptimal®. From Brain Basics to successfully setting up a business with NeurOptimal®. Upon successful completion of the course, through an online quiz, you will receive the corresponding official certificate. After this course you will be able to provide training to your clients with a lot of self-confidence.If you did this course to investigate whether buying a system suits you, you will know for sure after this course.

The Advanced course, the next step to comprehensive knowledge about NeurOptimal®.

Just like the Basic course, the Advanced course usually is held in groups. This makes the course very interactive and makes it possible to exchange experiences. This course also lasts 4 dayparts and is priced at €450,--. It is also possible to book the course as a private course at an additional cost of 20%. We will explore the in-depth concepts of Dynamical Neurofeedback® and the basic concepts of dynamical systems will be discussed. A good portion of this course includes discussing the science behind NeurOptimal® and we will go into more detail about the S.O.R.T. It Out with DIFS process", which is specific to NeurOptimal®. Upon successful completion of the course, through an online quiz, you will receive the corresponding official certificate.

Basic and Advanced, the all-in-one solution

Sometimes you would like to learn a lot of information in a relatively short period of time. You want to make a jump start with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. Then we can offer you the possibility to complete the Basic and Advanced course within 4 weeks, by appointment. We work together intensively for 6 to 7 half-days and cover all the material from both courses. After the first 4 half days you complete the Basic course with the online quiz after which we continue with the Advanced course. Upon successful completion of both courses (online quiz) you will receive the corresponding official certificates. The price for this two-in-one course amounts to €995,--.

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