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I want to become a Certified NeurOptimal Trainer

Once you have your system all set up (which is easy, the system is a 'turn-key' ready to go system) we will assist you in getting to know the system. When you decide to bring NeurOptimal into your place, with the help of Neuro-Insight as your representative, you will have at least one hour (mostly longer) full service through Skype, live help, to assist you in getting started. Neuro-Insight is also there for you when you decide to take your certification courses. These courses will bring you more knowledge about the system and how to work with all the features that come with it.

The certification courses are being announced on, however,
Neuro-Insight also offers all courses on demand, feel free to ask if we can customize your course-schedule. Courses on your location are also possible, but, we do need a minimum of 4 participants. So, if you can get a group together (collegues) let us know, and, we schedule a course at your place! Contact us directly by using this link, or, use the contact form.

Your possibilities will be seemless and endless once you learn about the transformational process that starts with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback! Watch this video to learn more:

Many practitioners started using it in order to enhance better result for their clients.

The NeurOptimal® team is there for you, simply because we believe in sharing our knowledge with you.
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