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Frequently asked questions

Waarom NeurOptimal®?

  • Is it safe? Yes, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback safe and can be used by anyone
  • Are there any side effects? NO, there are no side-effects at all
  • Do I need a Qeeg? NO, you don't need a Qeeg or Brainmap to start your sessions with NeurOptimal®
  • Is NeurOptimal® FDA approved? Yes, NeurOptimal® is approved by the FDA and therefor approved as safe to use
  • How is NeurOptimal® different from other neurofeedback systems? NeurOptimal® is the only neurofeedbacksystem that does not tell the brain what to do. It allows the brain to sort it out by itself. No pushing and pulling towards a general state or functioning
  • What are the main differences? As just mentioned, it doesn't tell the brain what to do or what not to do. NeurOptimal® doesn't require a diagnose as where all other methods do require a diagnose to work on. And, NeurOptimal® trainers do not diagnose and do not treat.
  • Who can benefit from NeurOptimal®? Everyone with a brain
  • How much does a session at Neuro-Insight cost? At Neuro-Insight, we charge € 82,50 per session. This includes 21% V.A.T.
  • How much does a system cost? Please take a look at this page to find all you need to know. Or send us your question using the contactform
  • How can I become a NeurOptimal® trainer? Neuro-Insight is one of Zengar's external specialist in technique, instructing and representing. We offer full support from education to after-sale. Contact us and we will assist you.
  • Can a course be scheduled on demand with Neuro-Insight when I decide to become a trainer? Yes, let us know when and where and we move it further togehter with and for you.

NeurOptimal® 3.0 Professional on a microsoft Surface Book 2

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