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NeurOptimal Personal System

What's new?

NeurOptimal has created a whole new line of hardware. All systems are now available on a TABLET. The Surface Pro Tablet is very convenient to use. It is easy to carry with you in the included Protected sleeve. Now you can train wherever you want! We already saw our users train themselves during their flight while on a holiday!

Read all about the NeurOptimal Tablet Bundle here.NeurOptimal personal

It is also possible to buy your own NeurOptimal Personal system. NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer offers all the power of Neuroptimal training in a lighter package.

The complete system is available from $6995 ,-- (USD). Please contact Neuro-Insight for more information.

You can visit the Zengar Store directly by clicking the image below. Please keep in mind to list my name, Hannie Ruinen, at the last question (who is your representative) at the order form. That way you will be assisted by me to set up your system, once it has arrived at your office or home.

Designed for home use, the fully automated NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer system will allow you to check your hookup and select your session type. You're able to run sessions using a variety of multi-media options including the custom Zengar music and fractal image, audio and movie files. The engine driving NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer is the same as it's Professional big brother except with a much simpler interface (just click the green button & go), and without the ability to add clients, save or analyze data.
300 sessions are bundled with the system, additional sessions are purchased separately.

Questions? Please contact us