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NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback is for everyone

however, our users are diverse

NeurOptimal® is for everyone. Whether or not you experience problems in daily life, everyone can benefit from this form of brain training. Every brain can benefit from optimization, completely diagnostic agnostic. With the use of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback, your brain can also learn to function more flexible and resilient. Although we are located in The Netherlands, we offer allround support and teach all official Zengar Courses in Dutch and German as well as in English for those who live in Europe temporarily and need their certification courses in English. Our goal is to deliver high quality support. From orientation on purchasing a system to certification and support after your purchase

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Our courses and their content

What do the certification courses have to offer?

Neuro-Insight offers three types of courses. An introductory course, the basic certification course and advanced certification course on behalf of Zengar. Did you take the introductory course and then later decide to order a system? Then Neuro-Insight will refund the course fee. The Basic and the Advanced go deeper into the history and philosophy of NeurOptimal® and as a package, they offer every trainer a solid foundation to confidently offer NeurOptimal® sessions.

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Neuro-Insight, official NeurOptimal® instructor and representative.

Because we are proud of our work, and also because we offer our trainers support after they purchase their NeurOptimal® system, we have created a page for them where they are listed as trainers. This way they can be found easily and their practice can grow as well. Neuro-Insight supports you before, during and after your purchase of a NeurOptimal® system.

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A NeurOptimal® system on loan

Neurofeedback at home, comfortable and affordable

NeurOptimal® is for everyone. Neuro-Insight provides systems on loan so you can enjoy the relaxing experience of doing your sessions at home. This is ideal for busy families, it saves travel time, and, it's very affordable too. Please use the contact form to inquire about the options, or, call us.

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NeurOptimal® is used by many athletes worldwide. For example, Neuro-Insight trained with former Olympic rower Govert Viergever. Also a famous formula 1 racing driver trains with NeurOptimal®. They all notice that their sharpness of focus improves, and that their concentration is boosted. These are just a few examples, the increased resilience and flexibility allows the brain to react more agile, and performance improved as a result.

Musicians, performers

Musicians benefit greatly from NeurOptimal® sessions. Their focus improves, which creates more space for creative playing. Orchestral musicians report that their peripheral perception within the orchestra increases. This enables them to play more subtly together. The feeling of optimal flow and performance is easier to achieve and is sustained longer.

Students and School Children

Throughout the years, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback has been able to support many schoolchildren and students. Especially the possibility to lend the equipment has proven to be very useful for this group of clients. The sessions help to improve concentration, and the quality of sleep also increases. This makes studying easier and leads to better grades.

Business people

NeurOptimal® Dynamic Neurofeedback helps to relieve stress. Therefore, it can be interesting for companies to use this proven training method for their employees. Especially when it comes to prevention. Prevention is better than cure. Neuro-Insight has a lot of coaching expertise. Better stress management results in greater flexibility and efficiency at work. Happy employees contribute positively to the long-term success of your company.

Life can be challenging

Special offers

Start your BrainTraining today. Check our special offers and kickstart your brain to Optimal Flow and Function.

Free consultation

Schedule an appointment for a free session and consultation about NeurOptimal®. Wheather you want to invest in yourself by doing sessions, or in your own NeurOptimal® system? We will assist you because your system is our care.

€90,- on lease

Are you considering leasing one of our systems? Receive a €90 discount on the first time . Training your brain at home is ideal for those who like to take things easy and effective. This offer is there for you. Renting a system is also a great choice to find out if owning a system is an option for you. Ideal when orienting towards purchasing a Neuroptimal® system.

Neuro-Insight and NeurOptimal®

Neuro-Insight, Hannie Ruinen has over 17 years of experience in the field of Neurofeedback, and is fully specialized in NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback. Through the years experiences have been collected and shared by means of blogs. You can read them at our blog section

NeurOptima® l at Neuro-Insight has helped me broaden my perspective on my busy existence. This helped me to sleep better and to better organize my thoughts. The connection between thoughts and feelings has improved a lot. I also regained my creativity and have taken up sports again. In the meantime, my children have also been training with NeurOptimal® . I am happy with the results.
Customer with a stressful job
"An entirely new and pleasant experience"
After having leased a system from Neuro-Insight, I became convinced that investing in my own NeurOptimal® system would be a great choice. I have been training my brain regularly and, almost by itself, I started to train other people. The courses I took with Hannie helped me to build self-confidence in my knowledge. I know have a solid base to explain others about the work I am doing. I love that Neuro-Insight offers me a place on their website! (German trainer)
Thank you Neuro-Insight
I started by training my own brain first

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