To own a NeurOptimal® system

will turn out one of the best investments in your wellbeing ever. Ideal for Home use or, in your practise, NeurOptimal® will help you to become the best you. It will help your clients to become the best version of themselves. All systems come with three months PASS Membership Preview. This gives you the opportunity to kickstart your business because PASS preview includes new-user Training by Zengar's Technical Support Team, of which Neuro-Insight is a member. For more information, please call us, or contact us using our contactform. Your System, Our Care.

NeurOptimal® LImited

For home use and lease

Prices as of $ 7995,-

  1. Lifetime license
  2. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go -2 (i5 processor), incl. 3 years Microsoft extended business warranty
  3. Preloaded with 100 Sessions
  4. 3 Months PASS membership Preview
  5. 1 Year ESET antivirus
  6. 1 zAmp, Zengar's dedicated E.E.G - decoder
  7. 1 Set of Sensors, solid silver ...

Most popular

NeurOptimal® Unlimited

Best Option

Prices as of $10.995,-

  1. lifetime license
  2. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 (i5 processor) incl. 3 years extended Microsoft business warranty
  3. Unlimited license, so you never run out of sessions
  4. 3Months PASS Membership Preview
  5. 1 Year ESET antivirus
  6. 1 zAmp, Zengar's dedicated E.E.G.-decoder
  7. 2 sets Sensors, solid silver and more...

NeurOptimal® Business Start-Up

To Kickstart your Business

Prices as of $31.485,--

  1. 3 Professional Systems
  2. Microsoft Surface Latpop Go 2 or Surface Pro 9 (i5 processor) incl. 3 years Microsoft business warranty
  3. 3 additional sets of sensors plus Ten20 Conductive paste (Value $400,--)
  4. 6 Months free PASS Enterprise (Value $1000,--)
  5. 100 Brochures (Value $59,--)
  6. Fincancing options offering 0 % interest.
  7. 2 Online courses (English, pre-recorded, or, ask us and we'll teach you)

What is NeurOptimal®?

How to order a NeurOptimal® system

Your System, Our Care

The above NeurOptimal® bundles come with multiple options. Additional options are available. For example, a monitor, additional sensors, a USB dock and more. Neuro-Insight assists you during the entire process. From the first orientation to the aftercare when your purchase has been delivered to your home or office. All prices mentioned are in US$. Please contact us via the contact page. Your System, Our Care.

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