Irradia - Low Level Lasertherapy (LLLT)

Since November 2023, Neuro-Insight has become an official representative of Irradia AB, a Swedish medical technology company specialized in medical therapeutic laser devices, LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) in short. Irradia has over 30 years of experience and their devices are developed and manufactured in Sweden, by Irradia.

Medical lasers can be used to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing. The treatment is non-invasive because the laser is applied to the skin surface only.

Irradia's medical lasers are professional instruments designed to deliver optimal treatment results. They are designed to be safe and easy to operate, making treatment documentation simple. In addition, models have been developed specifically for self-treatment.


The MidCare is suitable for families and for loan via the therapist. This laser is part of every family's first aid kit. Wounds heal faster, bone fractures recover faster and even (small) burns will heal quicker. Contact Neuro-Insight if you would like more information. You can find the contact form here.


An injury can be treated quickly and effectively with the MID-LITE 904. This model is one of the most effective medical lasers on the market. Neuro-Insight provides this laser on loan for a fee so you can treat yourself at home. The MID-LITE 904 is a professional medical laser designed for easy use and transportation. It is easy to carry and great for treating sports injuries. MID-LITE has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can work directly on the battery, or when plugged into an electrical outlet. Contact us for more information

Animal Caregivers

Medical laser is a proven effective alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs, completely free of side effects. For animals, both the MID-LITE 904 and MID-LASER are well suited.

Irradia medical lasers are great for treating horses and other animals and are excellent treatment options for wounds and inflammatory conditions. Combined with our courses and support, getting good results will be easy. Contact us for more information


Both MID-LITE 904 and MID-LASER are particularly suitable for the professional. MID-LASER is one of the most flexible and professional laser systems on the market. MID-LASER consists of a base unit to which several laser probes are connected. The base unit controls the functions of the system while treatment is performed with the laser handset. The MID-LASER has a built-in lithium-ion battery, and can operate without being connected to an electrical outlet. For more information, please use the contact form

Demonstration video showing how the light passes on and through the tissue

demonstration video ease of use of the Irradia laser

Treating yourself

What can I treat on my own using an Irradia medical-therapy laser?

With Irradia's therapeutic lasers, many symptoms of pain can be self-treated. These include pain from osteoarthritis, healing of wounds ( including post-operative, diabetic wounds) inflammation, tendonitis and more. Remember, in cases of serious injury or illness, always consult a medical specialist. Want to learn more, read or receive information? Please contact us.

Purchasing an Irradia therapeutic laser

Neuro-Insight guides you through the path to purchase

Should you decide to purchase an Irradia Laser, whether privately, for your sports club or professionally for your practice, Hannie Ruinen of Neuro-Insight will guide you through this process. Before you proceed to purchase, it is possible to receive a MIDLITE-904 on loan from us for a fee. Contact us for pricing

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