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Please use the contactform and ask us everything you want to know about NeurOptimal®.

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Feel free to ask us all your questions about NeurOptimal®. In addition to being a trainer, educator and representative, Hannie Ruinen is also a contracted Technical Specialist and is part of Zengar's Technical Support Specialist Team. No question is left unanswered about NeurOptimal®.

All information is provided without obligation

You would like to receive more information. Whether it's about leasing, in-practice sessions, purchase or courses, all information you receive through Neuro-Insight is without obligation and never obligates you to purchase. Our service focuses first and foremost on information and cooperation. We share the philosophy that information brings transformation.

Be The Best You, It Is Time!

NeurOptimal® offers training, and does not treat or diagnose

No matter who you are, where you are or how old you are, NeurOptimal® is for everyone. Over the last 20 years we have trained thousands of brains and with more than 20 Million hours of sessions, worldwide, NeurOptimal® has proven to be effective and safe. It is non-invasive, and we don't need any diagnose to train with this method of Neurofeedback. NeurOptimal® is safe, dynamical and user-friendly. Start training your own brain today and become the best you.

Neuro-Insight your allround NeurOptimal® consultant is located in Roermond, The Netherlands

Although located in The Netherlands, we offer our service throughout Europe. Neuro-Insight offers the entire Zengar service as a trained representative, educator and Technical Support Specialist. We are proud and happy to assist you.

Train your brain at home with NeurOptimal®.

We offer lease-systems. Braintraining at Home. Contact us for more information.

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