Another child, another miracle

This child is not the only child who almost got mis-diagnosed. Clever mom brings her child in for a NeurOptimal® Session

This happened five year ago,

but, time just went by and I forgot about this miracle.

Although, it might not be a miracle but a proof of stupidity, or a lack of real interest in kids with a neuropsychologist...Here is the story: Last September I received a phone-call from a very worried mom who is an ex-client as well, very satisfied; 6 years ago home with burn-out. Intensive coaching and NeurOptimal with me brought her back on track. I went jobhunting with her, and she is still on the job she found back then... and, more important, she is still happy.  She calls me because her son, 9 years old, is afraid to go to school. This fear started in January 2016, the week after the Holidays were over. Because he cries every morning, not wanting to get into the car to go to school, but always decides to go to school anyway, crying coming into the school, she decides to call me for help with NeurOptimal® and mentions big troubles!  So, school asked the parents to have the child tested. (Not asking why this behavior is happening???!). The neuropsychologist tests him and diagnoses him with autism spectral disorder and a possibility to bi-polarity, and on top of that an IQ of 85...!!!! I could simply not believe this could even be true.... I asked the mom if she signed the diagnose. She didn't, because she did not recognize her son in it (nor did the boys teacher). She got the bright idea to consult me :) I had met the boy when he was a toddler, when the mom was consulting me back then, and, if this would all be true with this little guy, then he would have had been in some kind of cruel accident and got braindamage! 
So, I sit down with the boy, and simply ask him what happened right after the 1st week at school after the holiday....He answers very clearly:
"That is a very good question. No one has asked this, but I can tell you. I am so afraid to go into the school, because I am afraid of the monsters coming back again. When the holidays were over, my parents thought I recovered completely from the flue, and, I wanted to be there at the first day in the new year, so I went to school. But then I started to feel sick again, felt I was very warm and then I saw all kinds of monsters attacking me. Then I became scared and cried. I just wanted to go home. Mom came to take me home, and I had a fever. But, the week after, when my flue was away, I remained scared. I feel scared every time I have to go into the school."
I told him I completely understood what he was saying. I asked the mom if she knew it. Her answer was no! So, I suggested her to explain what fever can do with our minds and, that the brain sometimes fools us when we have a fever. 
This boy had a post-fever-trauma :) of Monsters Inc. I told him this, and then he laughed. Then, one NeurOptimal session. The next evening a happy mom drops me an email. The kid went to school with no problem. The teacher could not believe it....and, they have the kids IQ suddenly went up to 126, which suits him so much more!
If it were the neuropsychologists decision, he would now have been drugged....A really big thing and example of un-interested professionals....A miracle for the kid.  He came back another 4 times, because he likes the sessions. He has grown into such sweet self-confidence! These kids are the cherry on my cake in my work as a Trainer. The mother did get back to me to use a personalsystem at home. Simply because the kid asked for it. "I felt so relaxed during that NeurOptimal® session!"

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