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Deze verzameling korte verhaaltjes zijn er voor jou. Ze kunnen je helpen om écht te gaan voor jouw keuze om in de wereld van NeurOptimal® te stappen. Of, je vindt een verhaal over iemand die een soortgelijk ontwikkelingsproces doormaakte.

Miracles happen

Another child, another miracle

This child is not the only child who almost got mis-diagnosed. Clever mom brings her child in for a NeurOptimal® Session

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As a NeurOptimal® Trainers we see miracles all the time

"Your daughter is experiencing one of them."

Neuro-Insight, NeurOptimal®  Neurofeedback Europe: “Yes, we see miracles all the time. Your daughter is experiencing one of them”.

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NeurOptimal®, how it saved my life

How NeurOptimal® Braintraining saved my life

Over seventeen years ago, it now feels like ages ago but, back then, it was my reality. After I gave birth to my third child, I was caught by severe post-partum depression.

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Miracles happen, sometimes happening in front of us

My 'Operation Give Back'

It was yesterday that I felt what a great thing we have here. I received a phone call earlier this week by a young man who insisted on seeing me for an appointment.

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An Olympic rower's journey with NeurOptimal®

A Conversation with Govert Viergever

This conversation took place the moment he and I got together to create closure on the project with him and NeurOptimal®.

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Signs of Stress

Do you recognize the signals of stress and anxiety?

This post was originally shared by Dr. Lise DeLong, my friend and collegue at Zengar Institute. This article reminds us that it is important to unwind from our daily stress.

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