My 'Operation Give Back'

It was yesterday that I felt what a great thing we have here. I received a phone call earlier this week by a young man who insisted on seeing me for an appointment.

So, we met and here is the story

Creating a new future

This story was written on the 8th of March 2018. It was 9 years ago when I had been training a refugee. He had to leave his country to survive a terrible regime of leaders who did not allow his religion. When I met him and his family, they had been in my county for 10 years already, having moved from one refugee camp to another, 5 times in 10 years. When they had left their country, he took his wife and his 6 year oldest son, and his youngest son who was only 2 years old. The man had been suffering from awful, severe PTSD as he had seen his family being murdered in front of his eyes...He was such a sad man, beaten down, not able to sleep. I met him and his wife because they gave birth to a third boy, who became friends with my middle son, they were 6 years at that time. The kids wanted to play together, but, the mother asked me if they could be playing at my house/garden, as her husband was too ill to endure the kids. I asked what was wrong and then she told me the story of their life...She said that she had seen a tv program about neurofeedback, and she strongly believed hat neurofeedback would be so helpful for her husband. But, as they had no income she thought that would never happen. And, she said, where can we find a person who would be able to offer it at all? So, there I was, saying that such a person was in front of her. And, That I always have one free spot in my chair for PTSD-victims of war....The short story goes that the man came in for sessions. He took over 40 sessions, but, he healed. It was a horrible journey, but, he kept going because he had faith in what he experienced. As they had no money to pay for the sessions, but insisted on doing something for me, I had numerous great meals together with them, and, since his wife had been a graphic designer in their country, so, she was, and is a great painting artist. She created two beautiful paintings for my practice! Two days ago, a young man called me, insisting on seeing me. So, when we met yesterday, I immediately recognized him as my trainees oldest son, who is now a young father. He came because he would like to thank me in person that, because of his dad’s sessions, he and his brothers had a father. That his newborn daughter has a grandfather who now has a parttime job as a carpenter, has his own house, still has his marriage, and is having a fulfilling life. 

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