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Courses, workshops, and computer maintenance

Neuro-Insight organizes workshops for those who want to learn more about their NeurOptimal® system or their Windows 10/11 computer in general. With over 18 years of experience in the field of neurofeedback, particularly with the NeurOptimal® product, you can learn from us how to navigate your system. We cater to individual learners and can also teach groups of up to 10 people. Below, you'll find the schedule for the first half of 2024. If the dates don't fit your schedule, please contact us so we can create a customized course program just for you. The courses are briefly described below the schedule."

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March 1st. 2024

Workshop 1; Building on basic knowledge

Roermond (Nederland) or online in our digitial classroom

March 22th 2024

"Maintenance of my Windows 10/Windows 11 computer"

Roermond, of op locatie (vanaf 6 deelnemers) of online via het digitale klaslokaal van Neuro-Insight

March 22th 2024

Workshop 2; Building on advanced knowledge and how to use other media

Roermond (Nederland) or online in Neuro-Insight's digital classroom

Great that you're interested in our services

Whether you're curious about what NeurOptimal® entails or already have experience as a Trainer, Neuro-Insight provides you with the tools and information to further your journey. Despite the software being easy to operate, we offer a number of interesting and educational workshops. It's good to know that all our courses are VAT-free because Hannie Ruinen is an authorized teacher registered with the C.R.K.B.O. For the workshops, you don't need to have your own system; you can participate and practice on one of our own systems. If you wish to purchase your own system, Neuro-Insight, in collaboration with colleague Breingoed, offers a free-guidance program leading up to the purchase."

The Introduction Course, as an orientation before purchasing

The introductory course is designed for those interested in NeurOptimal® and needing more information to take the next step towards purchasing. We cover the fundamental principles of NeurOptimal® and take a closer look at the program itself. You'll also learn the difference between linear and non-linear neurofeedback. This short course, lasting 1 half-day, costs €150. We offer the introductory course live in Roermond, but this one-half day course is also available online. This way, you can make an informed decision about buying your own system."

"Basic Workshop, the perfect start to getting the most out of your NeurOptimal® system."

"The Basic Workshop usually takes place in small groups and lasts for 2 half-days. Additionally, it's also possible to take this workshop privately, available by appointment. There's a 20% surcharge on the base price of €275 for the private workshop. In this workshop, we delve deeply into all aspects of NeurOptimal®. From Brain Basics to successfully establishing a business with NeurOptimal®. After this informative workshop, you'll be able to conduct sessions with your clients confidently. Especially if you've also completed the certification course with Breingoed, or directly from Zengar.

In-depth workshop

Similar to the basic workshop, the in-depth workshop also takes place in small groups, fostering an interactive course environment where exchanging experiences is highly encouraged. This course also spans 2 half-days and costs €275. The option to book the course as a private session is available, subject to a 20% surcharge. We delve deeper into the significance of Dynamical Neurofeedback® and exchange practical experiences. Ultimately, the goal is to equip you with comprehensive knowledge to effectively assist your clients.

Two-day workshop, the all-in-one solution to gain a lot of knowledge

Sometimes you want to acquire a lot of information in a relatively short time. You want to kick-start with your practise. That's why we offer you the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of your system in two full days, divided into 4 sessions. This workshop requires an investment of €500, but the bonus is that you will definitely be able to get the most out of your work. Here too, there is a 20% surcharge when booking this offer individually.

"After undergoing several NeurOptimal® sessions as a psychologist myself, I became curious. My trainer provided me with Neuro-Insight's contact details, and I took the Introductory Course there. Following that, I purchased my own system. I now use it in my practice as it provides tremendous support in my work with clients. I also happily attended the Basic and Advanced courses. A superb experience." (note of Neuro-Insight, we no longer offer the Zengar certification courses, but rather offer experienced- based in-depth user-workshops)
"The introductory course was decisive."
My own NeurOptimal® system!
"Through Hannie, I acquired my own system. As I have a coaching practice and conduct sessions with employees at their workplaces, the SurfacePro is perfect. Thanks to Zengar's portable equipment, my company has become incredibly mobile."
"I purchased my NeurOptimal® system with the assistance of Hannie from Neuro-Insight."
"The guidance was superb."
"I initially trained with my trainer in their practice. After experiencing what the transformation process meant for myself, I decided to become a trainer. Together with Neuro-Insight, I opted to take the introductory course first. After this course, I was certain and purchased my system. Following that, I quickly completed the basic and advanced courses. Superb!"
"After completing the basic and advanced courses"
"I feel very confident in explaining what NeurOptimal® sessions entail."

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