How NeurOptimal® Braintraining saved my life

Over seventeen years ago, it now feels like ages ago but, back then, it was my reality. After I gave birth to my third child, I was caught by severe post-partum depression.

Life didn't feel the same

A good life that became complicated and how it eventually balanced to a different future

During these last 17 years, this personal story has never been an easy one to share with the public. However, at this point in my life, February 3rd 2021, it is added to the blogsection of my new website. Why? Well, because this story might be helpful for you, or, for someone you know. Reach out and share. NeurOptimal® is for everyone, and, the company that created this Dynamical Braintraining software, Zengar Inc., has a written mission statement on their website. #1 In that statement is that they want to help relieve suffering in people. Back then, it was in 2003, everything was messed up in my head. A post-partum depression had hit me hard. My thoughts were blurred, emotions were running up and down. I was unable to handle life, nor could I take care of my children. I could not have a small conversation...I felt like a living death...with a baby, a toddler and a 4 year old oh, and yes, a husband who desperately was keeping the family together. I had a nurse with me during the day and she helped me with everything, simply because I wasn't able to do anything. I could not believe this was happening to me. I mean, I am a well-educated and happy person. No reason to feel like that, and still I did. Day after day, week after week, month after month passed by. I became desperate, and so did my husband. Because I had decided not to use any medication we were constantly looking at alternatives to recover from this dreadful family situation. One year later, the baby-girl had grown into a wonderful one-year-old happy girl, not aware of the state her mother, I, was in. It happened one year later. One year of misery inside my brain, lost the will to live....One year later I accidentally ran into someone who owned a NeurOptimal® system (Back then it was still called NeuroCare). He offered me a session.... Since then, I believe in miracles, because, the moment the session was over, and it was just ONE session, I could already notice the difference. A little bit of sunshine was able to get through my massive brainfog...One sunray...It made me come back for more....I had a few more sessions with him and decided I needed to have my own system. It took a while before we had the entire shopping list together before we could configure our own NeurOptimal® system. (Version 1.86). I finally could train my brain on a daily basis and, within two months I was back in charge. The nurse was no longer needed, although I am still grateful for all the help we received. Over the years my life has changed into directions that could not have thought of before this lifechanging period. There is one thing I know for sure, without NeurOptimal® I probably would not have wanted to live...It was a life-saver for me, and, after seeing many clients as a social therapist, and with over 4 million hours of training worldwide, NeurOptimal® has saved thousands of lives. The journey continues...the brain never stops learning...

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